Here’s a way they wowed the guests. And it had nothing to do with the money or the potential of money. (See a wow in the first 2.5 minutes. Turn on sound.)

“I can’t tell you how much time and money I wasted on trying to sponsor at the exclusion of all else. No wonder everyone on the call was so impressed with your message! I only wish I would have heard your excellent advice a year ago.” Sharon A.

If you’re like Sharon, reflect and see if your company (and sponsor) offer you (at least) these three things…

1. They show you two ways to make money in the business:

  • Bring in recruits who buy product (you earn a percent of their purchase and sometimes, a one-time fast start bonus)
  • Bring in customers who buy product for their own use, and who do NOT come in because they want to sell the product. You earn a percent of what they buy. Including on any regular autoship orders.

If all they focus on is recruiting, you might end up like Sharon. Fewer than 1 in 100-300 people want to do ANY kind of sales. Everyone is a customer of stuff. Silly to pretend everyone will want the opportunity. And many networkers are women – much more helper-healer types of folks than the getting rich types of folks. To each his or her own.

2. For bringing in customers (who do NOT want to sell it) make sure they pay you AT LEAST 10% of whatever the customer pays, dollar for dollar. Use the best customer prices available to calculate your 10%. I mean just customers. Like what you are of say your cable TV service. You don’t also sell that. OK?

3. Run from any company or sponsor that insists ‘everyone’ will want the product or opportunity. Do not be bamboozled into accosting everyone you know or meet. You’ll end up in the NFL – no friends left – as they say in the business.

Remember it’s YOUR friends and connections you’re losing. Corporate people and upline you don’t know you, don’t feel that pain. Do they?

Tip: Learn to ask for referrals so you don’t lose your friends. See how in Friends, Lies and Network Marketing here. (Free download.)